Velux Repairs & Maintenance

Velux windows maintenance and repairs

Has your Velux window glass cracked or blown? Maybe you need new hinges? Or perhaps you need your roof windows serviced? Even though they are the market leaders, they may require some maintenance from time to time.

Absolute Roof Windows are Velux-certified roof windows specialists. We offer a complete range of roof windows servicing, repairs, and maintenance. Our roof windows company has a wealth of expertise, so whatever roof windows problem you have, we can diagnose and fix it, without delay.

More about our Velux repairs and servicing

We can offer a whole host of services to maintain and repair your Velux windows to give them a new lease of life. We are happy to tailor any of our services to meet your individual needs. Our skilled team has over 25 years’ experience.

  • Velux windows repairs: Are you experiencing problems with your roof windows? Our company can repair any issues you may be having. Common problems may include issues with your glazing such as cracked glass units or condensation, hinges that are hard to open, or remote controls and electrics that are on the blink. We can come and make the necessary repairs and offer advice about the best ways to prolong the life of your window.

  • Velux windows service: Caring for your Velux windows is important and regular servicing will ensure that your roof windows are working as they should and avoid the need for costly replacements. Velux windows are guaranteed for 10 years but with the right maintenance, they will last much longer. Our servicing includes replacing the seals and ventilation filter and oiling the mechanisms and hinges.

  • Velux re-glazing: Velux windows offer a perfect combination of style, functionality, and energy efficiency. However, if the glass is blown or cracked it will need to be replaced. We offer a wide range of Velux re-glazing. This includes triple glazing for energy efficiency, additional soundproofing to block our noise pollution, or UV filters.

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Velux roof windows maintenance

Roof windows maintenance pays off and prolongs the lifespan of your roof. In cases where we can repair and service your roof window, we always will. Don’t forget that Velux roof windows are guaranteed for 10 years, so will come with a guarantee for that time.

We advise that our customers complete various small jobs, such as cleaning the pane, air filter, and flashing. It is always important to keep any interior well-ventilated and if your roof window starts to show condensation, this could be a sign that you should ventilate more often.

As Velux-certified installers, we have access to all Velux parts and spares, to ensure any repairs or servicing is completed to the highest standards.

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