Low Pitch Velux Windows

Low pitch Velux roof windows

Absolute Roof Windows can supply and fit Velux windows designed for low pitch roofs, which are for properties with roof pitches ranging from 10° to 20°.

These windows can transform your living space by flooding your home or commercial property with light. Unlike vertical windows of comparable dimensions, our sloping roof windows can welcome double the amount of daylight, infusing your home or commercial premises with bright natural light penetrating deeper into every corner.

Boasting an exceptional glass-to-edge design, these roof windows exude a striking aesthetic appeal when viewed from the exterior. Available in various sizes designed to suit your property, our low-pitch single roof window offers flexibility. It can be upgraded from manual operation to solar-powered functionality for added convenience.

Our roof windows can elevate the ambience of your space. We can provide a free and no-obligation quote at any time.

Certified Velux installers for low pitch windows

Previously, traditional roof windows faced limitations when installed on shallowly inclined pitched roofs owing to their design. Velux has designed a tailored solution with its assortment of roof windows explicitly crafted for low pitch roofing.

This style allows for seamless integration where the window aligns perfectly with the roof, ensuring a tidy, flush appearance.

We can expertly:

Comfort solution

The Velux Comfort solution will transform a manual window into a solar-powered one with the Solar Upgrade Kit from Velux. You will be able to conveniently control your window from any location within your home, ensuring worry-free operation. Even when it is raining, the integrated rain sensor will automatically close any open window.

Finished in white paint, this window boasts triple glazing for superior energy performance, promising increased efficiency and cosiness throughout your living space.

Basic solution

The Basic solution from Velux features a manual roof window, providing the advantages of natural light and east ventilation. You will be able to open this window easily using a top control bar. Finished in white paint that is easy to maintain, this window offers triple glazing for enhanced energy efficiency, ensuring improved performance and comfort in your space.

As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to ensure your roof window size constitutes at least 20 per cent of your room’s floor area. Should you require a custom size beyond the standard options, we can assist you in identifying an appropriate solution before confirming your order.

Build Your Own

With Velux’s Build Your Own Windows feature, you can decide on the features of your new windows. The rain sensor feature automatically closes open windows when weather conditions change, ensuring peace of mind. Elevate your manual roof window to a solar-powered version with our Solar Upgrade Kit.

You can control your windows using the Velux App or wall switch, allowing remote operation from anywhere. Your windows can be designed for the space, and you can choose triple glazing – especially designed for our low pitch windows – for better energy performance.

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