Velux shutters and awnings

Velux exterior blinds and shutters

Absolute Roof Windows can design, supply and fit a range of Velux exterior shutters and awnings to give you ultimate control over light and heat.

Experience exceptional insulation, heat protection, blackout capability, and noise reduction with Velux Anti-heat shutters. Providing an added layer of security against break-ins, they ensure comprehensive year-round comfort control. These products will keep your home cool and comfortable during hot days and nights and are ideal for those seeking complete blackout, noise reduction for quality sleep, and effective insulation for colder seasons.

Velux Anti-heat blinds ensure a cool and comfortable home environment by intercepting heat before it reaches your roof windows. Their transparent mesh design allows ample light transmission while shielding you from excessive heat, preserving your view.

These blinds are ideal for home offices, living rooms, and spaces where you seek respite from glare and high temperatures on sunny days. Quick and straightforward to install from the interior, these blinds offer swift and reliable heat protection, enhancing your comfort effortlessly.

Certified Velux installers for exterior shutters and awnings

Our blinds and shutters can be designed and fitted for all Velux windows, including flat roof windows and New Generation glass rooflights. All shutters are available with a five-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

We can expertly:

Velux shutters

Elevate your indoor comfort to new heights with the Velux Anti-heat blackout shutter, offering unparalleled heat protection and blackout capabilities for year-round use.

Crafted with a robust aluminium shield exterior, it provides superior outdoor defence, ensuring durability and reliability in any weather condition. This essential addition to your home boasts numerous benefits, including reducing solar heat by up to 96 per cent, delivering exceptional blackout coverage day and night, and offering optimal suitability for bedrooms.

Furthermore, it provides effective thermal insulation during winter months, guaranteeing a cosier living environment. Rigorously tested for weather resistance and durability, this shutter promises years of smooth operation. Available in electric or solar-powered options, it includes a convenient wall switch for effortless control and seamlessly integrates with Velux Intelligent Home Control solutions for added convenience.

Additionally, it can be paired with other Velux interior blinds for decoration, light control, or insect protection, ensuring versatility to meet your needs.

Velux exterior blinds

Velux’s anti-heat blinds, featuring black transparent mesh fabric, effectively blocks sunlight while preserving your view. These blinds are perfect for glare-free workdays in your office or relaxed afternoons in the living room. Tested for wind, UV, and heat degradation, the mesh ensures long-lasting performance.

Control your blind effortlessly with the included wall switch, ensuring smooth operation thanks to aluminium side rails. Upgrade to App Control for added convenience.

We also supply Velux anti-heat blackout blinds to intercept sunlight before reaching your roof window, delivering heat protection and blackout capability. It ensures indoor comfort and enhances sleep quality on warm days and nights.

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